Friday, April 3, 2009

Glasses Cleaning

ultrasonic cleaning machine
ultrasonic cleaning machine
"Megane drug" is a well known glasses chain store in Japan.
This ultrasonic cleaning machine is set in front of stores of megane drug.
You can cleaning your glasses free by using this machine.


Malyss said...

I never saw glasses cleaning machines in France, and in any european country I visited!
What I find amazing too, is that there are always funny characters on the japanese signs or machines to explain how it works. A track of manga spirit?

nobu said...

Hello Malyss.
Japanese loves such lovely character.
The character of in this photo is a character of that company, but originally it is a hero of Japanese folklore.

Alcy's Hobby Room said...

Oooh, such good service from the store. Haven't seen these machines before & wish we have them in S'pore too! I need to clean my megane ;)

valeria said...

I haven't quite understood the use of this machine Nobu... I mean, who washes glasses there? I am confused...

nobu said...

Every one walking on the street can use this machine freely.
If you visit Japan and find the store at somewhere, you can clean your glasses with the machine.
It is very easy to use the machine.
push bottan and dip glasses in the water.

Ayie said...

This is the first time i see such thing. it's nice that you can clean your glasses and for free! What more can you ask for? I better see that place so I can experience cleaning my glasses there!