Friday, April 10, 2009


hanami in the park Hanami (花見) means cherry blossom viewing in English.
It is a Japanese traditional custom which celebrate spring.
Japanese really love cherry blossom.

I took the photo above in ueno park that is a popular hanami point in Tokyo.
Please check my article Hanami in ueno park on my blog Tokyo Snap Photo.
Many people enjoy hanami party in the park.

hanami in a river side
I took the photo above at a river side in my city.
A mother and her children have a lunch under cherry blossom.


Alcy's Hobby Room said...

How wonderful to have a picnic in the park at this time in Japan! Fresh air, nice view & the beautiful cherry blossoms. Hmmm... ^-^

Malyss said...

It must be a precious time for all of you!..

Ayie said...

This is exactly what i see in anime most esp cardcptor sakura. Ueno park, hanami... interesting.