Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hello Kitty Bus

Hello Kitty bus
Hello Kitty bus
Hello Kitty bus
This is a Hello Kitty tour bus.
You can see many Hello Kitty not only outside of the bus but also inside of the bus.
This bus is a "Hato Bus" which for Tokyo sight seeing in a day.
You can enjoy Tokyo" with Hello Kitty.


Alcy's Hobby Room said...

I want to travel on that bus! I love Hello Kitty! ^_^

Malyss said...

I know a lot of little (and not so little Ü) girls that would kill to be allowed to take this bus!

Ayie said...

Kids will rush to ride the bus! Kawaii!!

Tall Gary said...

A friend of mine always has this in his garden: はとバス

Just joking.

nobu said...

Hello tall Gary, Oh! It's a hato bath!!

Hello folks, I explain Gary's comment.
Jpapanese word "鳩, hato" means pigion or dove.
And, Average Japanese not be able to pronounce "th" well.
So, we pronounce "bus" and "bath" almost same.

Malyss said...

Thank you for the explanation about Tall gary's comment.
I have a question:
have you one keyboard with two kinds of letters (japanese and western ) or must you have two different keyboards to write in the two languages?..

nobu said...

Malyss; Ofcourse we use one keybord.
We input Japanese symbols by using input method software such as "IME".
Please goole "input method".


Malyss said...

Thanks, Nobu!
I went on google and found explanations and pictures about the imput method; I did not know that system.

Rabbittrick said...

You know, Hello Kitty is 35 yrs old this year. =D

nobu said...

Yes, she was born on november, first, in 1974.

Saretta said...

Very cute!

Izaberu said...


Sherry Stewart said...

Oh. I want to ride on this pretty hello kitty bus!