Sunday, May 31, 2009


poster of a sunscreen
We, Japanese use many onomatopoeia.

This photo is a poster of a sunscreen.
Slogan of this product is "Sara-Sara Summer".

"Sara-Sara" is a Japanese onomatopoeia.
It express sound something ( water, sand etc ) flowing smoothly.
"Sara-Sara" also means squeaky clean.


Malyss said...

Seeing this beautyful girl, I guess most of Japanese boys prefer to say" woaw"!...Ü

MoCoSci said...

I have RSS feed to 3 of your blogs and enjoy them very much. This particular post about Sara-Sara is more meaningful because it reminds me of my mother, born and raised in Osaka. She used to play with her granddaughter - my daughter - Sara, by repeatedly saying her name. Now I know of a reason she may have enjoyed saying it so much! Thank you for your post.

nobu said...

Malyss, She is Ai Kato.

MoCoSci, Thanks for your comment!!

Ayie said...

she's pretty, btw interesting post. informative.

Saretta said...

This is the summer I should return to Japan then! I understood that Sara-sara was the sound of a stream flowing in the springtime, is that right?

nobu said...

Saretta, there is no snow in river in spring.
So water flow smoothly.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Wow Such A Beautiful Lady ..Lols...It Is A Spontaneous Capture..Great Thanks For Sharing..

Sherry Stewart said...

This is of interest Nobu! Very sensual way of expression.. beautiful!

valeria said...

This is so interesting! I hope you can give us some more examples of japanese onomatopeia