Monday, June 22, 2009


miniature round fanMiniature round fan.

miniature folding fanMiniature folding fan.

I took these photos at a shopping mall in Tokyo station.
That shop is named "Mamegui" (まめぐい).
They sell lovely small crafts.
I think you can find nice souvenir of Japan at the shop.


Malyss said...

How lovely! Do Japanese ladies really use them?

Ayie said...

I find japanese fans so cute, very nice for a collection.

Anya said...

Very nice products
fresh colors and
I love shopping ;) ..... LOL

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Hey Nobu !! This is great..These hand fans are quite famous in India and we call them "Pankhi".I really loved them...Unseen Rajasthan

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I like japanese crafts as they are very well done and pretty. Also enjoy japanese food presentations.
besides eating them.

Izaberu said...

I love the mini folded fans. Good for totes :)

Alcy's Hobby Room said...

The fans are so pretty. Love them!

Midori said...

I like pink fan~~ (^o^)

José Ramón said...

A very interesting Greetings Blog

Sherry Stewart said...

I miss these small craft stores! They are colorful and delicious, just as pastry shoppe!

valeria said...

Those round fans are irresistible!!!
Nobu, this blog is so nice!!

Pinecone Camp said...

How sweet! Love those fans.
I lived in Japan for a few months, years ago, but I'm dying to go back. Such a beautiful country!
Hi from Vancouver.