Tuesday, April 21, 2009


chindon-yaI took this photo on a main street of my city.
Chindon-ya means traditional street performers (marching band) who advertise for local business.
When I was a little boy, I used to see chindon-ya.
But in these days, I rare see them.
And I think that the style of chindon-ya(in this photo) is a little different from chindon-ya in old days.


Alcy's Hobby Room said...

Very interesting. Do they have to sing as they march along or just hit their drums to attract attention?

Malyss said...

A good way to catch the attention anyway! I like the way they are dressed. They saw you taking the picture!

nobu said...

Hello Alcy.
They don't sing.
They play instruments.

Tall Gary said...

I used to see chindon-ya near Kugayama Station on the Inokashira Line in Suginami-ku. I loved the percussion and the saxophone. If I had the time I would always stop a while.

nobu said...

Hello Tall Gary.
Welcome to my blog!!

Tall Gary said...

Thank you Nobu. What an honor it is to be greeted by you in such a kind way.

I was just looking at chindonya at YouTube and found this which I hope isn’t too long. It is much the style that I would hear from afar on the streets. I have always thought that musicians in general are a kind of magician so I would want to get closer to admire them and be dazzled.

nobu said...

Tall Gary, I have just seen that video in you Tube.
It is nearly same style to chindonya that I saw in my boyhood.

Tall Gary said...

I just looked at your eye-catching photo more closely. The leader looks rather large. He looks like he could be an ex-sumo wrestler. That makes me wonder if Akebono has ever thought about chindon-ya as a new career. He would certainly attract attention.

Rabbittrick said...

Do you know what they are advertising in this picture? Do they always have to wear traditional clothing?

nobu said...

They are advertising an opening of a pachinko parlor in this photo.
They wear such costum only when they perform on a sreet.